If you feel that the electronics on your guitar are in need of an upgrade, then look no further. These are the best components on the market today and are perfect for improving the overall performance of your instrument.


Upgrade wiring kit for Gibson® 335® The real deal ! Including CTS 450 premium series potentiometers, Switchcraft switch and jack socket, Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, Gibson Braided Wire.


We only sell THE BEST.


NO cheap Chinese inferior guitar parts !


Wiring diagram included.


Kit includes:

1 Genuine Switchcraft ¼ in. input jack

4 Genuine CTS 500K pots

2 .022 Sprague Orange Drop capacitors

1 Switchcraft toggle switch

1 Vintage toggle nut

4 ft. Shielded guitar circuit wire

2 ft. Black unshielded guitar circuit wire

1 ft. White unshielded guitar circuit wire

Wiring diagram