First produced at the request of LA guitar builder "Jim Tyler", this bridge gives you the performance of the VS100 but with the added top end "sparkle" that a bent steel saddle can give. Unsurpassed for performance and tuning stability without the need for a mechanics tool kit to change strings! A precision machined hardened steel base plate with steel saddles give years of use and abuse without failing you. The saddles are locked down to the baseplate, allowing the full transfer of the string vibrations into the whole bridge and increasing sustain. Also includes a stainless steel arm that is held in with a collar allowing for tension adjustment. Mounting posts, springs, claw, screws and allen keys are all included.Not to be confused with the Wilkinson, budget line - the man himself, Trev Wilkinson, considers the Gotoh, Wilkinson, units to be his highest quality range.

Our Price: £ 170.95