This is similar to the VS100 Gotoh/Wilkinson unit but with the added advantage of having a re-designed sustain block so that it retrofits an American Standard Fender Stratocaster or similar without any modification to the guitar body. The saddles are locked down to the baseplate, allowing the full transfer of the string vibrations into the whole bridge and increasing sustain. Even the steel sustain block string holes are positioned to help provide a more consistent angle over the saddles intonation point. Arm, mounting posts, springs, claw, screws and allen keys are all included.

The trem arm screws in but there is a small grub screw in the sustain block that is used to create the desired amount of tension - giving you the option of of an arm that will fall away after use or stay exactly where you want it.Not to be confused with the Wilkinson, budget line - the man himself, Trev Wilkinson, considers the Gotoh, Wilkinson, units to be his highest quality range.

Our Price: £ 164.95