Gotoh / Wilkinson VSVG Tremolo System. At the request of many top Los Angeles guitar players wanting the same performance as the VS-100 but with a more vintage tone and feel - here is the answer. It required a complete re-think of the classic saddles and the 6 hole knife edge. Replicating the size, weight and materials of the original '54 Leo Fender design was a prime concern and was achieved quite easily. Getting the bridge to return to the same position after use was a different problem all together.


Any vintage 6 hole mount Strat®, bridge can sometimes bind against the screws when used, causing the whole unit to go out of tune. This problem was solved on the VSVG by opening 5 of the holes into elongated slots. This provides a knife-edge style set-up with reduced friction but with the same feel as the VS-100. The 6th hole remains a hole so that the lateral position of the bridge on the guitar is retained. The saddles are bent steel, providing that true vintage sparkle that a lot of other modern trems cannot replicate. The saddles are locked down to the baseplate, allowing the full transfer of the string vibrations into the whole bridge and increasing sustain. Even the steel sustain block string holes are positined to help provide a more consistent angle over the saddles intonation point. Arm, mounting posts, springs, claw, screws and allen keys are all included.


Not to be confused with the Wilkinson®  budget line - the man himself, Trev WIlkinson, considers the Gotoh® Wilkinson® units to be his highest quality range.


Important measurements


Centre to centre of the two outer mounting hole spacing - 56mm


Sustain Block depth - 41.2mm


Saddles are 10.8mm x 32mm.

Our Price: £ 124.95