The sound of the '52 Tele Bridge is considered somewhat of a "Holy Grail" amongst guitarists. Team it up with a maple neck and Swamp Ash body and you have that classic Tele tone. One thing that has been missing though is perfect intonation! Simple as they were, the 3 saddle Tele bridges could never be as accurate as the six saddle versions... until now.The Gotoh/Wilkinson WT3 Tele bridge is designed to give you the original tone whilst allowing you to play in tune too! The saddles are the same dimensions as the original, as is the thin gauge steel base plate (the base plate has to be steel as this affects the magnetic field of the pickup that it holds - brass, stainless steel or aluminium will not have this authentic effect). It is the design of the saddle that makes this bridge so unique. Unlocking the screw in the centre of the saddle will allow you to adjust it through any degree of rotation that you need to achieve perfect string-to-string intonation. Bridge comes complete with screws and allen keys.Please note that this high quality Gotoh/Wilkinson bridge,not the budget Chinese Wilkinson WTBCR Tele Bridge.

Our Price: £ 89.95