Transform your Les Paul ® guitar with our Jimmy Page upgrade kit.


These are the best components on the market today and will transform your Les Paul ®


Instant Jimmy Page signature tones, allowing you to coil-cut the bridge pickup using a push-pull tone control. The other feature is that in the middle position of the pickup selector, the bridge pickup is out-of-phase with the neck pickup.In this setup the bridge humbucker cannot be a 2-conductor pickup, the pickup must have a 3 or 4 conductor wires.


We only sell THE BEST.


NO cheap Chinese inferior guitar parts !


Wiring diagram included.


Kit includes:

1 Genuine Switchcraft ¼ in. input jack

1 Genuine Switchcraft toggle switch

3 Genuine CTS 500K long shaft pots

1 USA 500K long shaft push/push DPDT pot

2 .022 Sprague Orange Drop capacitors

2 ft. Black unshielded guitar circuit wire

2 ft. White unshielded guitar circuit wire

1m Gibson silver braided wire

Wiring diagram