Single ply white trem cover. Superficial cracks and aging. US template. Aged screws included.

The Retrovibe line are modern replacement parts which have been skillfully aged to provide an authentic vintage vibe at a lower cost. Great for newer as well as vintage guitars.

Wonderfully detailed parts to help you recapture that bygone era! The Montreux Time Machine collection is a collection of very high quality reproductions of original 50s and 60s parts, which are of course very hard to obtain nowadays. All Montreux products are made from molds of original 50s and 60s parts, so not only will they fit perfectly, they also have correct vintage bevels, colours and thickness for an authentic vibe. Montreux is the ultimate line of vintage reproduction parts at reasonable prices.??Quite simply the most accurately made and aged vintage reproduction parts that money can buy !

Our Price: £ 22.95