Schaller Bass Machineheads BMF Original F Series

Compared to the BM series, a longer string post and a larger button plus a bigger baseplate make it a perfect replacement tuner for Fender Jazz and Precision™* basses.Gear ratio 1:20. (*Fender Jazz-Bass and Precision-Bass are protected trademarks owned by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation).

ProductsOur Price
Nickel 4L£ 55.95
Chrome 4L£ 57.95
Satin Chrome 4L£ 57.95
Black 4L£ 72.95
Gold 4L£ 88.95
Vintage Copper 4L£ 88.95
Nickel 3L 2R£ 69.95
Chrome 3L 2R£ 71.95
Black 3L 2R£ 90.95
Gold 3L 2R£ 110.95