Schaller Machineheads Classic Deluxe

Bearing the legendary "S", classic beauty with the quality that is synonymous with Schaller.

The "Classic Deluxe" is closely based on the design and dimensions of the Selmer company's machine heads of the 1930s. The top-quality mechanism of the machine head and our ultra-rigorous quality control process combine to make this a truly cutting-edge line. Gear ratio 1:14.

Designed using a traditional template, this new line combines classic, elegant aesthetics and luxurious details with innovations that make it sturdy and reliable.

The finely-structured buttons, with their timeless oval shape, are made of high-grade polymer material. The low tolerances and high degree of technical precision mean that the mechanical components provide a lifetime of precise action.

Whether you choose these machine heads in strips of three or individually, and whether you go for chrome, nickel or gold, the "Classic Deluxe" has the style and class, combined with a perfect mixture of innovation and tradition, to win anyone over.

Experience for yourself this exclusive machine head, only available from Schaller, and savor the "Classic Deluxe" design on your instrument.

You can choose between three different versions:

1.             Classic Deluxe "Selmer style": With a baseplate designed using a historic template.

2.             Classic Deluxe "Fender style": Individual machine head, particularly suitable for 6-in-line configurations.

3.             Classic Deluxe "Gibson style": Individual machine head, particularly suitable for 3/3 configurations.

The machine head is fixed to the headstock using 2 screws. A thrust bearing is supplied for precise positioning of the shaft.

Hand-made button made of high-quality galalith.